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This category tags images of the balls used for playing Sports Champions Bocce.

Bocce play in Sports Champions begin using the classic set of bocce balls, colored Green or Red by team. Victories or other achievements in Champions Cup play unlock additional, custom bocce ball sets. Defeating Giselle in round 5 of the Bronze Cup tournament (by any margin) earns the Marble Ball set. Defeating Giselle in round 5 of the Silver Cup earns the Metal Ball set, and defeating Giselle in round 5 of the Gold Cup earns the Eight Ball set. The Meatball set is awarded as a "booby prize" for three consecutive losses in Champions Cup play. Lastly, winning the final bonus match against the bonus avatar, Bocce-master Frankie "fat fingers" Moretti in the Champion (Platinum) Cup bonus 11th match unlocks Frankie's signature bonus equipment, Frankie's Golden Balls.

A player can cycle through the choice of balls for the character avatar by pressing the X button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins. (Cycles through choice of unlocked equipment only.) An award emblem is displayed by Sports Champions when the bonus equipment is earned.

The choice of bocce balls is cosmetic only and does not affect gameplay.

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