There are seven "bonus avatars" These special characters are not initially visible when beginning Sports Champions play.

Six are secret, hidden masters of their respective sports, the ultimate competitor.

Hidden Master Sport
ACE-8000 Table Tennis
Frankie "Fat Fingers" Moretti Bocce
Morgrimm the Black Archery
Titus Maximus Gladiator Duel
Umrog Disc Golf
Vivian Lockheart Beach Volleyball

Each of these hidden masters can only be revealed through play in Champions Cup mode. Each is first revealed by winning the 10th, final round of the Gold Cup tournament, which reveals a special 11th bonus round of the Gold Cup against that previously hidden master of the sport. Winning that 11th round unlocks that hidden master character for player use as an avatar in any sport in any mode of play (the avatar is added to the character selection screen, replacing one of the "?" choices.)

(Each of these six hidden masters uses a special piece of equipment unique to their sport: a custom bow, bocce, ball, disc or weapon. Those can be unlocked by defeating the hidden master in the 11th, bonus round of the fourth Champions Cup (platinum) tournament in the sport. See Bonus Equipment.

The pale Greg can be seen in the tutorials for every sport. Greg's avatar is unlocked for player use as an avatar in any sport and any mode of play by simply completing all the tutorials in all the sports.

Even when used as player avatars, bonus characters do not have a choice of outfits; they wear their signature clothing in all sports. They may, however, choose from unlocked custom equipment.

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