Bonus Equipment Composit

This category tags images that illustrate various bonus equipment, extra game-playing equipment awarded for use in each of the six Sports Champions sporting events: Bows, balls, discs, weapons, and paddles.

Each sport begins with standard playing equipment available to the player avatars. These additional bonus items are unlocked by playing the six sporting events in Champions Cup mode.

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In each sport there are three bonus equipment awards that can be earned by winning the fifth round of the Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Or Gold Cup. A fourth item is awarded as a booby prize for losing three matches in a row during any level of Champions Cup play. A final equipment choice is won by defeating the sports' Hidden Master (bonus avatar) in the final, eleventh, round of the fourth tournament (Champions Cup, aka Platinum), which awards that bonus avatar's own signature equipment.

Once unlocked, the bonus equipment is available for that Sport in all modes of competition: (Champions Cup, Free Play, Challenge mode.) The choice of ball is cosmetic only. Gameplay is unchanged.

A player can cycle through the choice of all unlocked equipment for the sport by pressing the X button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins.

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