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This category tags images of the bonus disc award emblems earned in Sports Champions Disc Golf play. These images are displayed when the bonus disc award is earned in gameplay.

Sports Champions Disc Golf play begins when a standard set of discs: a red driver, a blue mid range, and a purple putter. Victories and other accomplishments in Disc Golf sporting event's Champions Cup play unlock bonus custom disc sets. In addition to the standard red, blue, violet set of driver, mid-range and putter discs, other disc sets can be unlocked for use: defeating Connor in round 5 of the Bronze Cup (by any margin) unlocks "Stone Discs Set"; defeating Connor in round 5 of the Silver Cup unlocks "Groovey Discs Set" (a tie-dyed psychedelic style that escaped from the 60's); defeating Connor in round 5 of the Gold Cup unlocks "Vinyl Records Set" discs (an audio technology from the 60's, sound reproduction by scratching plastic.) Defeating the hidden Disc Golf master Umrog in the final (11th) bonus round of the final (4th) Champions Cup tournament unlocks his custom disc set (not pictured). The "China Plates" set is awarded as a "booby prize" for losing the same match three consecutive times.

Bonus equipment emblem stone discs golf
Bonus equipment emblem groovy disc golf
Bonus equipment emblem vinyl record discs golf
Bonus equipment emblem china plates disc golf
Stone Discs Set Groovy Discs Set Vinyl Records Disc Set China Plate Set
5th round Bronze 5th round Silver 5th round Gold 3 straight losses

A player can cycle through the choice of available discs for the match by pressing the X button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins of any match. Each bonus disc set contains a driver, mid-range, and putter disc. Disc sets are cosmetic only, and do not affect play.

Once unlocked, the bonus disc sets are available for use by all character avatars in all modes of Disc Golf play: Champions Cup, Free Play, and Challenge Mode.

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