Character Avatar Selection Screen

This Category tags the articles describing the original ten character avatars available for use by players in Sports Champions when play begins. A player chooses which avatar he or she will use at the start of a match. These same character avatars are also used as game-operated opponents, or game-operated teammates when required by the particular Sport.

Sports Champions gives each of these standard avatars different appearance, ethnicity, national origin, and personality. (See the individual characters' page for details on each character avatar.) The difference in appearance does not affect a players' performance with that avatar. It does affect how the avatar performs when under the game's control as an opponent.

While Sports Champions allows players to choose which avatar will represent them in game play, it doesn't allow for much customization. The avatars' basic appearance is fixed. The player can choose from among a selection of two to six sports clothing outfits (four of which must be earned in game play victories) and among game-specific equipment (bows, balls, paddles, etc,, some of which must also be earned in game play victories.)

(Additional bonus avatars can be earned (unlocked) by winning victories in final matches of the six sports' in Champions Cup mode play. More avatars are also available as separately-purchased Add-On Content.)

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