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This wiki is a website that anyone may edit. We are always looking to improve and expand this wiki to make it a comprehensive encyclopedia of the 2010 PlayStation® Move showcase game Sports Champions, as well as a place to talk or ask questions about the game.

Wiki News:
The front page's right-hand sidebar has been updated with some site map / navigation data, hopefully making the content easier to find. Comments and suggestions always welcome (use the page's Talk section or forum.) (Jan 07, 2012)

Just about all the 350 images now have multiple categories that label them by sport, character, function and/or purpose, etc. (Oct 15, 2011)

New Menus are up at the top of the page, so visitors can quickly access any Sport or major article from any page. (See Blog Post.) (Oct 01, 2011)

Some ongoing projects:

  • Creating Category pages for the image categories that define what the category is. (See Categories Wanted.)
  • Hints and tips for each sport about winning!
  • Images of the Award Emblems (badges) for the Bonus Avatars' Personal Equipment.
  • More information on Add-On Content.

In addition, there's the never-ending task of ensuring existing articles are accurate and complete.

And of course, we're happy to have new articles on other Sports Champions topics as well! Please visit the Community Portal to chat in our forum or just get more information on contributing!

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