Morgrimm the Black
Avatar bonus morgrim archery
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 182 cm / 6' 0"
Weight: 79 kg / 175 lbs
Home: 1265 A.D
Favorite Sport: Archery
Strengths: Accuracy, Speed
Age: Unknown


Nobody is entirely sure of the truth surrounding Morgrimm's history. Some say he is a fallen knight and former defender of the crown. Others claim he is a rogue ranger bound by dark magicks. One thing is for certain, Morgrimm is the most feared man in the land. A dark, sinister, and mysterious figure, rumors abound that Morgrimm commands an army of the undead. For underneath his shadowy, cloaked appearance, are two glowing red eyes... a sure sign that Morgrimm the Black pratices dark magicks.

Avatar emblem morgrimm

Morgrimm is the bonus avatar for Archery, first accessed by winning the Gold Cup in Champions Cup play. Defeating Morgrimm in Archery unlocks the avatar for use by players (in all Sports Champions' events.