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The Reverse Course Add-On Content adds four "new" Disc Golf courses (18 holes) to Disc Golf's Free Play mode. The "new" holes use the same terrain, fairways and hazards as the original course, but places the tees (approximately) where the basket was originally, and puts the basket (approximately) where the tee used to be. This significantly changes the challenges associated with each hole, as dog-legs change direction and hazards need to be approached from different distances. The holes are still played in their original order.

As before, there are separate tees for Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of difficulty. In cases where the original tees were on a high bluff overlooking a fairway that would be impossible to approach for the opposite direction, the new baskets are placed below these heights.

The new locations are:

  • Park (Reverse) (6-hole course)
  • Mountains (Reverse) (6-hole course)
  • Snows (Reverse-Course) (6-hole course)
  • Full Course (Reverse) (18-hole course)

All these reverse courses use daylight lighting.

The Reverse Course Add-On Content is available for download from the Playstation Store™ for US $2.99.