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About Sports Champions 2Edit

Sports Champions™ 2 is a 2012 sports game for the Playstation® 3's Playstation Move® motion gaming accessory, a sequel to the original Sports Champions PS3 game. Like the original Sports Champions™ it can be played by one player competing against simulated opponents of different skill levels, or by two players competing against each other.

Sports Champions 2's SportsEdit

Sports Champions 2 provides six sports simulations for the PlayStation Move motion controller. Five of these sports are new with Sports Champions 2.


Archery is the one sport that is present in both the original Sports Champions and Sports Champions 2. Gameplay, i.e. the way of nocking a virtual arrow, drawing the virtual bow, aiming and firing, are quite similar. Sports Champions 2 adds a zoom feature for aiming at distant targets.

There are all new arena for competition. While some targets seem familiar (the familiar concentric ring targets as well as some of the fruits used as targets in Sports Champions), the placements are quite different. Many of the targeting challenges provide moving targets to momentarily overlap, allowing competitors to hit more than one target at a time.


Instead of Bocce, Sports Champions 2 offers traditional ten-pin Bowling. Gameplay is similar to traditional Bowling, except the number of frames in a match varies with the difficulty level (Bronze, Silver, Gold,...) The player uses a single Move motion controller to simulate an underhanded bowling motion, pressing the button to address the alley and releasing it to release the ball. As with the original Bocce, it's possible to impart spin as well as direction on the ball.






Sports Champions 2's Modes of PlayEdit

Cup PlayEdit

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Sports Champions 2's AvatarsEdit

Custom Player AvatarsEdit

Sports Champions 2 allows players to create their own custom avatars for use in gameplay (unlike the original Sports Champions, which has a fixed set of ten avatars to choose from, plus seven unlockable bonus avatars, the same as the CPU- operated avatars.)

Opponent AvatarsEdit

Sports Champions 2 provides a whole new set of opponent avatars used by the PlayStation 3 to provide competition. (Because Sports Champions 2 uses custom player avatars, the opponent avatars are always distinct from the player avatars.)


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Sports Champions 2 is rated E10+ for everyone by the ESRB. A Playstation 3, Playstation Eye, and at least one Playstation Move controller is required to play. It is included in many Playstation Move packages, and sold separately. Released 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment LLC. "PlayStation®" and "Sports Champions™" are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

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